CISM - Certified Information Security Manager 

As the vitality of information security system is becoming clear to the companies due to the increase in cyber based attacks on their networks. They are seeking more professional & proficient IT experts who fully understand and are capable of working in the information security (INFOSEC) field. This scenario has made a great opportunity for practicing professionals to gain a higher ranking in their career and have a productive job.

For all those aspiring INFOSEC professionals, CISM - Certified Information Security Manager certification is highly respected certification. So of the top executives in the INFOSEC field have this certification. The CISM certification assures companies that their certification holders have demonstrated all the required skills, experience, and potential to run a successful information security program for an enterprise. Let us discuss the CISM certification in detail:
 Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) Certification

What is a CISM?

CISM- Certified Information Security Manager is an advanced certification program that helps the professionals in honing their IT skills to match the requirements of an enterprise. It is the crown jewel of certification courses for IT security program management. It is a certification targeted information security managers, aspiring managers, or IT consultants who are the supporting pillars of security program management.

The course is offered by ISACA and is intended to check the credibility of an individual to tackle any information security breaches or other incidents. To become a CISM, one has to clear a 200-question-multiple-choice exam that widely covers four principal areas of the subject:

  • Information security management
  • Information risk management and compliance
  • Information security program development and management
  • Information security incident management 

The course, however, has a set eligibility criteria. Any individual seeking the certification must have minimum five years of experience in the INFOSEC field along with three years of experience in INFOSEC management. The individual must gain this experience either in a 10-year period before appearing for the exam or within five years of the date of passing the examination. The strict eligibility criteria ensure that only eligible candidates are allowed for the certification.

Certification Path for CISM:

Careers as a CISM

Salary Range

  Information Security Manager  
  Director of Security
  Security Consultant
  Chief Information Security Officer 

CISM Learning Objective:

    • How to establish and maintain an information security governance framework, and the processes required to support it.
    • How to manage information risks to an acceptable level to meet the business and compliance requirements of the organisation.
    • Build, implement and operate an information security program that perfectly aligns with the wider information security strategy.
    • Planning the correct response to information security incidents, including defining the investigation and recovery steps required to minimise business impact.

    How to Earn your Certification

     Available Online Learning
    Online Course Delivery
    Using a series of instructor led videos and self-study manuals throughout each of the bundled courses, the IT Cyber Security package is delivered online using the learning platform. Learners are free to access content anyplace anytime, allowing participants to study whenever and wherever is most convenient for their needs.

    A series of flash cards allow learners to test their progress, and a number of practical scenarios in each module can be used to practice common responses. End of unit tests and quizzes ensure students have fully grasped the concepts behind IT Cyber Security before moving on to the next task. Students can discuss topics with other learners using the social networking facilities, adding another valuable learning tool by which to further improve knowledge and skills.
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